Oct 31, 2018

Sleepy Gonzales - The Joy of Painting (2018)

Lacey Brown - Follow Me Out (2018)

Pink Blush - Her Gaze (2018)

Azure Ray - Waves (2018)


crushinglove - Die for the Drama (2018)

SRSQ - Unreality (2018)

Sugar Candy Mountain - Do Right (2018)

The Visceral Pleasure - 3 Bandcamp Singles (2018)

LUNACY - Just The Beginning (2018)

Todos Mis Amigos Ya Están Muertos - Todo Nuestro Mundo (2018)

Queridos Edificios - Contusiones (2018)

Submotile - We're Losing The Light (2018)

All Sparks Burn Out - Ceremonies for the Lost (2018)

ESTER DRANG - The Appearances (2018)

Spills - Embrace (2018)

Shoegazer Alive Compilation - Vol. 216 (2018) - Singles and Songs of the Week


Bing Satellites - A Life in Dreams (2018)

Blushing - The Truth / Sunshine (2018)

Soft Powder - Shangri​-​La (2018)

Purepleaser - velvet bent promo (2018)

Miserable - Loverboy / Dog Days (2018)

Frankie Teardrop Dead - All You Need Is Love and Fucking Peace (2018)

Deep Sea Data - EP2 (2018)

SineRider - Four Years Away (2018)

The Silence Kit - Fall Protection (2018)

Oct 30, 2018

Blind Moon - Mind Is A Garden (2018)

Oct 29, 2018

Lowlands - Electric Guitars (2018)

Foilverb & Sourin - the end of whitenote (2018)

Narcloudia - Day​-​Blind Stars (2018)

Candy Cane - St (2018)

Earache - Voices b​/​w Parasite (2018)

Oct 26, 2018

Haiku Garden - Where If Not Now (2018)

Oskar's Drum - Degenerate Art (2018)

Oct 24, 2018

끝이별 (laststar) - In The City Made Of Echoes (2018)

Khara - Heaven Can Wait (2018)

Thurston Moore - Klangfarbenmelodie​.​. And The Colorist Strikes Primitiv (2018)


Famed Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore has announced the release of his 'Klangfarbenmelodie.. And The Colorist Strikes Primitiv' LP on white vinyl. Originally released in 1995 on CD only in New Zealand, this is the first time these recordings will be available on vinyl. This new edition will be released by London-based Glass Modern Records on 180-gram heavyweight on November 2.

This album sees Moore paired with free jazz drummer Tom Surgal for a blistering noise set, in keeping with the aesthetic of New Zealand noise label Corpus Hermeticum, who released the original CD. This recording was the start of a budding collaboration between Moore and Surgal that saw them release music together again in 1996, 2000, and 2015, as well as a joint 2000 release with Beck.

Bruce Russell of Corpus Hermeticum and New Zealand outfit Dead C edited these tracks for the new vinyl release, as well as contributing new liner notes.

This lo-fi live performance, recorded in 1994, is candidly charming, revealing Moore's interest in freeform improvisation. His guitar noise peaks in ways so distinct that many parts could be mistaken for a live recording from Sonic Youth's heady and chaotic '80s period.

Thurston Moore has been at the forefront of the alternative rock scene since the time he emerged as an artist. In 1980, he founded Sonic Youth with Kim Gordon, turning on an entire generation to experimental rock n’ roll that defied the status quo. The band’s importance in rock history is undeniable.

Recommended for anyone interested in Thurston Moore's legacy of avant-garde music and writing, this live EP represents an interesting chapter in his musical life, spanning from his Sonic Youth days to his solo work, his varied collaborations and fully out-of-the-box recordings over the years.

Scheduled for release on November 2, 'Klangfarbenmelodie.. And The Colorist Strikes Primitiv' can now be ordered via Bandcamp. The Thurston Moore Band are touring the U.S. Midwest and East coast in November, with Moore performing with James Sedwards (Nought) on 12-string electric guitar and Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) on drums.

1. Klangfarbenmelodie.. And The Colorist Strikes Primitiv (Part 1)
2. Klangfarbenmelodie.. And The Colorist Strikes Primitiv (Part 2)
3. Phase II

NOV 2   Kingston, NY - BSP KINGSTON
NOV 3   New Haven, CT - Statehouse
NOV 4   Greenfield, MA, USA - The Root Cellar
NOV 6   Philadelphia, PA - RUBA
NOV 9   Minneapolis, MN - Thurston Moore: Moore at 60
NOV 10 Minneapolis, MN - Thurston Moore: Moore at 60
NOV 12 Chicago, IL - Art Institute of Chicago
NOV 15  Brooklyn, NY - Elsewhere

Oct 23, 2018

the Cult of Lip - Sleep Receiver (2018)

Oct 22, 2018

WYYM - St (2018)

Oct 19, 2018

The Suncharms - Film Soundtrack (2018)

Shoegazer Alive Compilation - Vol. 215 (2018) - Singles and Songs of the Week


You're Jovian - The Sound Of Who We Are (2018)

the churchhill garden - holding on (feat. demi haynes) (2018)

Cathedral Echo - ΨΧ (2018)

The Fog Ensemble - Throbs (2018)

Oct 16, 2018

Soulless - Lost In Mind (2018)

Indoor Voices - Gaslight Ephemera (2018)

Did You Die - Royal Unicorn (2018)

offthesky - Enfolding (2018)

Monographic - Structures (2018)

This Will Destroy You - New Others Part Two (2018)

Oct 15, 2018

Flowers - of evil (2018)

georgia foreman - Moment in Timing​/​Never Satisfied (2018)

VA - Destination Unknown, A Homage To The Smashing Pumpkins by TBTCI (2018)

Oct 14, 2018

Oct 13, 2018

Manon Meurt - MMXVIII (2018)

Shoegazer Alive Compilation - Vol. 214 (2018) - Singles and Songs of the Week


Dead Serpent - Spring Delusion (2018)

Desolate Horizons - A Moment With No End, pt. V: They Saw the Light (2018)

thisquietarmy - The Body and the Earth (2018)

Oct 12, 2018

Oct 11, 2018

Soñder (USA) - Groove City (2018)

Oct 10, 2018

musicformessier & Insomnia project - The mankind in cryosleep (2018)

Alison's Halo - Skywide (2018) - Kickstarter

The idea for the Alison's Halo "Skywide" CDEP came together after discovering five unreleased Eyedazzler-era tracks on some old 4- and 8-track cassette masters in our recording archives. All of the basic drum, bass, and guitar tracks on these five songs were recorded during the tail end of the "Eyedazzler" sessions in 1996-1997, but never made it onto the original Burnt Hair release due to deadlines, space considerations on the CD, sonic differences, the lack of lyrics, guitar ideas, or - most likely - complete and utter exhaustion.  While the bulk of the guitars, bass, and drums were committed to tape back in the day, we still need to record ALL new vocals, add additional guitar riffs, and - as always - track some blazing, mind-melding duelling leads. Many of the melodies and lyrics will be brand new since we never hammered some of them out back then. Followers of the band will be thrilled to hear an unreleased 1996 version of "Dozen" that was slated to appear on the original "Eyedazzler" release, but never quite fit the flow and running order. The bulk of the mixing is done and the songs sound absolutely massive so far.
Most of our recorded output as Alison's Halo has been confined to the inherent limitations of 2-, 4-, or 8-track analog cassette portastudios and crappy Radio Shack microphones, so the additional freedom and flexibility of being able to record and mix in the digital realm with slightly better gear is going to be amazing and should give fans a glimpse into what the band was always capable of. One of the things we are most excited about is the ability to record more than just one or two tracks of vocals and backups - something we always missed being able to pull off on the older analog recordings. Even with all this extra fancy technology, we are being extra mindful not to strip away or destroy the original charm and spirit of the songs that we committed to tape so long ago. The last thing we want to do is get all George Lucas on this CDEP and mess it up.
We are beyond excited to get this music out and into your ears.
Stay noisy.

Alison's Halo  


Holygram - Modern Cults (2018)

German post-punk shoegaze outfit HOLYGRAM has announced their long-awaited debut LP ‘Modern Cults’. Comprised of eleven tracks, this album will be released on CD and double vinyl, as well as digitally via Cleopatra Records, on October 19.

This is the first major release for the Cologne-based outfit since their 2016 self-titled EP. Here, the collective blend new wave and Krautrock with post-punk and shoegaze to achieve headstrong multi-layered bliss. This is a thoroughly contemporary homage to the sound of the ’80s with a resolute look to the future - the result is driving, dark and catchy.

Produced by Maurizio Baggio, who also produced The Soft Moon’s 'Deeper' and 'Criminal' albums, this long-play was recorded at Cologne’s Amen Studios.

HOLYGRAM is Patrick Blümel (vocals), Sebastian Heer (drums), Marius Lansing (guitars), Pilo Lenger (synthesizers) and Bennett Reimann (bass). Formed in 2015, the band's approach to making music references the past, while remaining future-oriented. Hard-to-combine elements cleverly come together to become the soundtrack of a city that appears threatening in the twilight.

The new album intensifies HOLYGRAM‘s contemplation of themes such as big cities, alienation and anonymity, hope and memories, love and identity. These reflections interact closely with the band’s unmistakable signature sound. Atmosphere oscillates between the brutal sounds of the big city and the fragility of the people that lose themselves in it – intelligently observed scenarios of a world falling apart in which individuals have long ceased to play a leading role.

The lead track 'Signals' is cloaked in a new-wave guise that belies an emotionally torn lyric, elevating the deeply melancholy chorus (“Sometimes when I close my eyes I see you walk away / And everytime the sun comes up the feeling is the same”) to a pop-like anthem, illustrating that in this world people are only cogs in a much bigger, increasingly autonomous machine.

The band recently accompanied British synthpop legends OMD on their 2017 European tour and have played numerous festivals, including Mailfeld Derby, Wave-Gotik-Treffen and New Waves Day. Wrapping themselves in dense wafts of mist and cool lighting on stage, they've made quite a name for themselves on the live circuit.

As of November 9, the 'Modern Cults' LP will be available everywhere, but can already be ordered via Cleopatra Records on CD and vinyl, and also digitally via Bandcamp. The album will be released in Europe via Oblivion / SPV.

HOLYGRAM will be touring Europe and US/Canada this fall with one of the biggest electronic bands on the planet, VNV Nation, as well as DE/VISION for the North American tour. They will hold two release shows - the first, in Cologne on Nov. 9, marks the end of their European tour, while the Los Angeles release show on Nov. 14 (at The Viper Room) kicks off their North American tour.

1. Into The Void
2. Modern Cults
3. A Faction
4. Signals
5. Dead Channel Skies
6. Hideaway
7. Still There
8. Odd Neighbourhood
9. She's Like The Sun
10. Distant Light
11. 1997

Written, performed and recorded by Holygram at Amen Studios, Cologne
Produced by Maurizio Baggio and Holygram
Mixed and mastered by Maurizio Baggio at La Distilleria, Bassano del Grappa
Additional Engineering by Nima Davari
Cover Photo by Ville Andersson

EUROPE with VNV Nation 

Oct 12 Dresden (DE), Alter Schlachthof
Oct 13 Erfurt (DE), Stadtgarten
Oct 14 Stuttgart (DE), Im Wizemann
Oct 16 Prague (CZE), Futurum
Oct 17 Warsaw (PL), Progresja
Oct 19 Eindhoven (NL), Effenaar
Oct 20 Cologne (DE), E-Werk
Oct 21 Sint Niklaas (BL), De Casino
Oct 23 Amsterdam (NL), Melkweg
Oct 24 Bielefeld (DE), Ringlokschuppen
Oct 26 Berlin (DE), Columbiahalle
Oct 27 Magdeburg (DE), Altes Theater
Oct 28 Munich (DE), Muffathalle
Oct 30 Frankfurt (a.M.) (DE), Batschkapp
Oct 31 Leipzig (DE), Haus Leipzig
Nov 01 Rostock (DE), M.A.U. Club
Nov 02 Hamburg (DE), Mehr Theater am Großmarkt
Nov 03 Albertslund (DK), Forbrændingen

Nov 09 Cologne (DE), Gebäude 9 with Whispering Sons & Swirlpool 
Nov 14 Los Angeles, CA The Viper Room

Nov 16 Austin (TX), Barracuda
Nov 17 Houston (TX), White Oak Music Hall
Nov 19 Atlanta (GA), Masquerade
Nov 20 Ft. Lauderdale (FL), Culture Room
Nov 21 St.Petersburg (FL), Jannus Live
Nov 23 Philadelphia (PA), Union Transfer
Nov 24 New York (NY), Irving Plaza
Nov 25 Boston (MA), Royale
Nov 27 Montreal (QC), Corona Theater
Nov 28 Toronto (ON), Danforth Music Hall
Nov 30 Detroit (MI), St. Andrews
Dec 01 Chicago (IL), The Metro
Dec 02 Minneapolis (MN), Skyway Theatre
Dec 04 Denver (CO), The Oriental Theater
Dec 05 Salt Lake City (UT), Metro Music Hall
Dec 07 Seattle (WA), Neptune
Dec 08 Portland (OR), Roseland Theater
Dec 09 Vancouver (BC), Imperial Theatre
Dec 12 San Francisco (CA), Regency Ballroom
Dec 13 Los Angeles (CA), The Wiltern
Dec 14 Tempe (AZ), Marquee
Dec 15 Las Vegas (NV), Backstage Bar

Oct 9, 2018

The Fog Ensemble - Throbs (2018) pre-order

Dreams Wash Ashore - The Black Lodge Experience Sessions, Volume 1 (2018)

Gavin Miller - Shimmer (2018)

Lightfoils - Chambers (2018) pre-order

Oct 6, 2018

Moon Age - Distant Horizons (2018)

Oct 3, 2018

ESTER DRANG - The Appearances (2018)

Celebrated post-rock band Ester Drang will release a new EP, “The Appearances,” October 26, 2018, on Oklahoma City independent record label Clerestory AV. The combination vinyl, CD and digital release will be the band’s first in 12 years.
Original members Bryce Chambers (songwriter and multi-instrumentalist) and Kyle Winner (bass) have returned for the band’s reformation, with Ester Drang’s signature lush, atmospheric sound bolstered by Tommy McKenzie (NET, Stardeath and White Dwarfs) and Hank Hanewinkel III (Nuns, Native Lights).
“The Appearances” is a half hour of the expansive, effects-laden songcraft on which Ester Drang built its dedicated following, but it also demonstrates marked growth—developed over time spent in interim bands, on the road as a quartet with English rock band Echo and the Bunnymen and through a long recording process both at Chambers’ home studio and in sessions across the country—for a band in its second era.
Chambers credits the Bunnymen tours for sparking the Ester Drang flame after such a long hiatus. He described working on the new music as “like seeing an old friend that you haven't seen in years. Just a rush of old memories come back, and you sit a while, catch up on life and become friends yet again.”
In addition to the new lineup, a number of notable musicians with Oklahoma connections appear, including: James McAlister (founding drummer of Ester Drang who has worked with Sufjan Stevens, St. Vincent, the National and more), cellist Jon Paul Pope and Nathan Price of BRONCHO.
“I've been a fan of Ester Drang since their first record release show in 1999,” said Clerestory AV owner Chris Stellman. “They were the first local band I saw break out of the Oklahoma music scene and receive acclaim on a national level. I knew they'd been playing some shows again after a long hiatus, and I and reached out to Bryce about working together. I was thrilled when he replied about doing an EP. I honestly think this is the best music they've ever made, and I'm honored to be working with them.”
The track list includes “The Union,” originally released in July 2017 as a pre-tour single, and a cover of influential shoegaze band Starflyer 59’s “2nd Space Song.” Ester Drang will perform a release show for “The Appearances” in Oklahoma City on October 27, with additional dates to follow.

Oct 1, 2018

Un.Real - Blue Garden / Kids are Astronauts / Drones (2018)

VA - NDR SESSIONS ARGENTINA with Horacio.nuevatemporada - Tropico de Cancer - Nax (2018)

Top 10 Shoegaze Albums in September (2018)

 1-The Daysleepers - Creation (2018)  
 2-Film School - Bright to Death (2018)  
 3-Slow Crush - Aurora (2018)  
 4-Endless White - Flow West to You (2018)  
 5-The Age of Colored Lizards - Daydreamer (2018)  
 6-VA - Untitled Love Songs, A Tribute To Moose by TBTCI (2018)  
 7-Jack the Hipper - Songs for David (2018)  
 8-Sona - EP2 (2018)  
 9-Trench - Ritual Love (2018)  
10-Art Dave - Kanade In Heaven (2018)   

Top 10 Dreampop Albums in September (2018)

 1-Still Corners - Slow Air (2018)  
 2-Sobrenadar - y (2018)  
 3-Soda Pop - St (2018)  
 4-Featherfin - Past Paths (EPs And Singles Collection) (2018)  
 5-Prince Bunny - _blush (2018)  
 6-Lillet Blanc - Casco Bay (2018)  
 7-Sondrous - Something Like Serenity (2018)  
 8-city coin laundry - in the hour of darkness (2018)  

9-Work Drugs - Holding on to Forever (2018)  
10-Ruby Haunt - Blue Hour (2018)   

Top 15 Shoegaze EPs in September (2018)

 1-Mainlight - Daydream EP (2018)
 2-Kill The Moose - To The Moon And Back (2018)  
 3-Monte Terror - El último verano de nuestra juventud (2018) streaming  
 4-Swirlies - Swirlies' Magic Strop_ Tonight (2018)  
 5-Alices Mirror - Alices Mirror    (2018)
 6-Herlights - WET (2018)  
 7-Chasms - Part Time Punks Session (2018)  
 8-hug - Sensitive & Tired (2018)  
 9-Novacoma - 2 Libras (2018)  
 10-whale wail - atlantic (2018)  
 11-Glare - Void In Blue (2018)  
 12-XTR HUMAN - Reflections (pre-order)    (2018)
 13-Slow Glows - 79 Moons EP (2018)  
 14-Violet Waves - In This Life _ Otosis (2018)  
15-/gro'tez/ - An Exhausting Farewell (2018)   

Top 10 Dreampop EPs in September (2018)

 1-Isla Invisible - EP1 (2018)  
 2-The Eclipse - I Want Less (2018)  
 3-Dovi - Desirable Bliss (2018)  
 4-SKYFOREST - Harmony EP (2018)  
 5-Desert Liminal - Comb For Gold (2018)  
 6-Gold Muse - Blue _ Centerfold    (2018)
 7-MUNYA - North Hatley    (2018)
 8-Daydream Kids - 7-12    (2018)
 9-Barrie - Singles (2018)  
10-Emerald Springs - Emerald Springs I (2018)