Nov 30, 2018

Top 10 Dreampop EPs in November (2018)

 1-Room De Dark - Flora (2018)
 2-Ellis - THE FUZZ (2018)
 3-Room De Dark - Spectacle (2018)
 4-tip top nap - calm down (2018)
 5-Room De Dark - Stinger - Sublime (2018)
 6-Evening Gown - Lakes of Harmony (2018)
 7-Bluish - On Our Own (2018)
 8-Love and Other Emotions - lucidity (2018)
 9-Love and Other Emotions - ocala (2018)
10- Sir. Fennek - Monsters in My Closet (2018)

Top 3 Ambient Albums/EPs in November (2018)

 1-fiorella16 - TANATOLOGIA PARA SEÑORITAS Capitulo I (2018)   
 2-Endless Melancholy - Fragments Of Scattered Whispers (2018)
3-Ladcathál - Maelstrom (2018)

Top 5 Post-Rock/Blackgaze Albums/EPs in November (2018)

 1-RUÍDO/MM – A É Côncavo, B É Convexo (2018)
 2-Riah - Autumnalia (2018)
 3-All India Radio - Space Sources (2018)
 4-Sky Flying By - (Re) Routed (2018)
5-Unreqvited - Mosaic I: l'amour et l'ardeur (2018)

Top 15 Shoegaze EPs in November (2018)

 1-Lightfoils - Chambers    (2018)
 2-Niño Mercurio - Todo el Tiempo (2018)
 3-Burning House - Mirror Song (2018)
 4-Mondaze - Healing Dreams (demo tape) (2018)
 5-St. Uber - Burial For An Unknown Sailor (2018)
 6-Castletroy - Великолепие В Листве (2018)
 7-whistler post - st (2018)
 8-Lavender Blush - Part Time Punks Session (2018)
 9-Rilev - Rilev (2018)
 10-Koala Precipicio - Todos Se Van (B-sides) (2018)
 11-Anakin - @-2 (2018)
 12-авторефераты - пепел    (2018)
 13-The Veins - The Veins (2018)
 14-Tropico Duclos - Ginkgos (2018)
15-plasmaclub - 14011 (2018)

Top 3 Dreampop Albums in November (2018)

 1-BlackieBlueBird - Ghost River (2018)
 2-Room De Dark - Room De Dark (2018)
3-Room De Dark - Solstice Songs    (2018)

Top 10 Shoegaze Albums in November (2018)

 1-Grivo - Elude (2018)
 2-Mr. Breakfast - Glass Dome (2018)
 3-Alles Club - Décollage (2018)
 4-VA - Come On Feel The NoiZe, Vol. 2 - Americas´Attack by TBTCI (2018)
 5-Single Lash - Providence (HD048)
 6-Clairvoyant Chasm - Dreams of Tomorrow (2018)
 7-Sleepwalk - Splatter (2018)
 8-ACTY - Once Veinte (2018)   
 9-VA - Static Waves 7 by Saint Marie Records (2018)
10-VA - Tsuitachi No Tori (ChMR​-​C​.​D​-​043) by Chip Musik (2018)   

Love and Other Emotions - lucidity EP

Love and Other Emotions - four hundred & thirty two days of summer's end

Love and Other Emotions - ocala EP (2018)

The Lynch - Everything Ends (2018)

high fashion normalize - Don't (2018)

The Gluts - Fuzz Club Session (2018)

Anakin - @​-​2 (2018)

Shoegazer Alive Compilation - Vol. 220 (2018) - Singles and Songs of the Week

brass calf - things you tell me​/​saints (2018)

Nov 28, 2018

Nov 26, 2018

Mondaze - Healing Dreams (demo tape) (2018)

Castletroy - Великолепие В Листве (2018)

Nov 24, 2018

VA - Some Sort of Secret Sign • A Tribute to Sarah Records (2018)

Room De Dark - St (2018)

Room De Dark - Flora (2018)

Room De Dark - Solstice Songs (2018)

Room De Dark - Stinger // Sublime (2018)

Room De Dark - Spectacle (2018)

Iorigun - Skin (2018)

The Consolation Project - Fear Is Below Us (2018)

VA - Static Waves 7 by Saint Marie Records (2018)

Nov 21, 2018

Vlimmer - XII (2018)

Vlimmer - XI (2018)

Nov 20, 2018

Ellis - The Fuzz (2018)

The Veins - The Veins (2018) re-post

Swervedriver - Drone Lover

Perfect Body / Zac White - Split (2018)

Following on from the success of the 2017 split EP with Boy Azooga and Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, Bubblewrap Collective brings you two of the most exciting acts on the Cardiff music scene: Perfect Body and Zac White. The record, pressed to limited edition purple and orange vinyl, will be released on November 23rd and features artwork from Cardiff artist and musician Teddy Hunter. The release continues the camaraderie across the Cardiff music scene with Tom Rees (of Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard) producing at Rat Trap studios alongside Zac and Perfect Body.

Perfect Body

Perfect Body's new single 'Fields' is a glacial gaze trip. that further expands their shivering palette of vast noise pop potential, that rustles with the ghosts of early My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and woozy 60s psych. Threaded with longing three-way vocals that explore the landscapes of 'desire' through tumbling percussion,  ethereal synthesizers; and reverb smothered hooks.

Perfect Body formed in Cardiff, early 2017, inspired by the sonic experimentation of bands like My Bloody Valentine, Stereolab, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.  Their three vocalists, each with their own style and identities, ensure that Perfect Body’s performances are varied and engaging. Perfect Body is a wall of noise, hazing over and obscuring what is, at its core, pop-oriented songwriting. Their earliest performances took place in Cardiff’s underground, often in practice spaces and house parties: So, by the time Perfect Body emerged on the music scene, they had already sculpted a distinctive sonic identity. The attention gained from their first single, ‘Getting Cold’, saw them supporting the likes of Jen Cloher,Slowcoaches, and The Wytches.

Perfect Body recently played a rapturously received set at the much-coveted Rising Stage at Greenman 2018. They were picked out as at one of the Top 10 ones to watch at the festival by Drowned in Sound and BBC Radio Wales broadcaster Adam Walton has been a huge champion of the fast emerging Cardiff band giving their early tracks heavy rotation on his show.

“This Cardiff based five-piece have been making waves recently thanks to their effervescent live shows and woozy, ethereal sounds that have seen them compared to Slowdive and the Stereolab. Despite only being together just over a year, they've come on leaps and bounds in such a short space of time...” – Drowned in Sound

Zac White

Despite being only 20, Zac White has been playing on Cardiff’s live music scene for over five years. Alongside his early days performing with FUR and part of Lily and White, Zac has been honing his own sound based on influences such as Wilco, Loose Fur, Sonic Youth and Broadcast. His 90s/00s off-kilter indie influenced sound has grown from minimal arrangements with drummer Ethan Hurst into a rollicking, reverb-drenched, garage-psych experience. For his live shows and upcoming EP, accompaniment comes from Tom and Ed Rees of Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, with whom Zac also plays. He recently supported Heavenly recordings Boy Azooga, who are currently blazing a trail for Welsh bands across the world.



A1. Getting Cold
A2. Fields
A3. Tribe of Mine

B1. Spent on You
B2. Nuclear Splinter
B3. Sirhan Sirhan
B4. Waltz #3