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DIIV - Deceiver (2019) 10 Stars

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Não tenho mais interesse em fazer o blog Shoegazer Alive, mas continuarei o mantendo no ar, com algumas mudanças:
1) Não haverá mais listas de melhores do mês ou do ano
2) Não compartilharei seus posts com outras páginas do Facebook que não sejam as minhas (Shoegazer Alive, Shoegazer Alive 6 e perfis Pedro Damian), a não ser que sejam releases enviados por artistas.
3) Nos programas de rádio, não marcarei mais pessoas.
Quanto menos tempo perder com o blog, música e artistas, melhor para mim

I'm not interested in doing the Shoegazer Alive blog anymore, but I'll keep it up with a few changes:
1) No more best lists of the month or year
2) I will not share your posts with other Facebook pages than mine (Shoegazer Alive, Shoegazer Alive 6 and Pedro Damian profiles), unless they are releases submitted by artists.
3) On radio shows, I will not tag people anymore.
The less time wasted on blog, music and artists, the better for me.

Pedro Damian

Medicine - Scarred for Life (2019)

FOCUS TRACKS: Scarred For Life, Sentimental Lady, Dead Time Bummer Blues, Expecting To Fly, Absolutely Free, Listen To The Band, Sally Go Round The Roses

'Sentimental Lady' 
Album order 

After a hiatus of several years, Medicine will release a new long-play on October 4. Entitled ‘Scarred for Life’, this 11-track offering will be available on limited edition vinyl, as well as digitally, via NYC-based label Drawing Room Records. The brainchild of guitarist Brad Laner, the LA-based collective was among pioneers of the shoegaze genre and today, is one of a small handful of core bands of this genre to reform and still exist today, along with peers Slowdive, Ride, Swervedriver and My Bloody Valentine.

‘Scarred For Life’ is a highly ambitious release - an album of all “killer no filler", including tracks from Neil Young, Judee Sill, Miles Davis, The Monkees, and even Bob Welch. This album of all covers is well beyond simple reinterpretation. Laner and company give each track a Medicine-sized dosage of their 'wall of sound' to bless and heal.

Mastered by Adam Gonsalves, each LP is pressed on 180-gram vinyl. It comes with a full color gloss jacket and 22x22” foldout poster. This is an outstandingly eclectic selection of tracks where Laner and cohorts attempt to relive the glory (and none of the fiascos) of old school samplers, like K-Tel compilations. Back in the 70s and early 80s, these samplers provided an economic way to experience the wonders of AM/FM radio dials, being as varied as the Top 40 charts were in their heyday.

This new offering continues a great tradition of feedback-saturated noise-pop experiments dating back to 1991, when Brad Laner formed Medicine with drummer Jim Goodall, guitarist Jim Putnam, bassist Eddie Ruscha and singer Annette Zilinskas, who was eventually replaced by Beth Thompson. Medicine’s current line-up sees Laner, Goodall and Zilinskas reunited, along with guitarist Matt Devine, who played with Medicine on their last US tour in 1995 and also joined the band for their 2014 appearance at Austin Psych Fest.

“Come listen and hell even purchase this album of covers. Above all else, this album was really just some folk's attempt to keep sane in the wake of a certain nameless fascist assuming power back in the dark days of 2016. Mind you, we love it, but the song choices have no cohesive theme and although it’s a bit noisy, we’re not trying to be all anything, or whatever,” says Brad Laner.

Medicine were signed to Creation Records on the basis of the original demo, becoming the first American band to do so. In America, they signed to Rick Rubin's American Recordings label in 1992. Although Pitchfork hailed Medicine as the closest thing to being an American answer to My Bloody Valentine, Medicine’s signature guitar tone managed to distinguish their own music from some of the more ambiguous endeavors of the shoegaze movement.

Medicine is perhaps best known for their cameo appearance in the 1994 film The Crow and subsequent inclusion of ‘Time Baby 3’ on its soundtrack, featuring guest vocals from Cocteau Twins' Elizabeth Fraser.

 Medicine’s first album ‘Shot Forth Self Living’ was released in 1992, followed by ‘The Buried Life’ the next year, gaining them mainstream attention. The band broke up soon after releasing their third album ‘Her Highness’ in 1995. Medicine reformed briefly in 2003 as a duo with Laner and Shannon Lee (daughter of Bruce Lee), releasing the album ‘The Mechanical Forces of Love’.

It would be another decade until Laner would reunite with Thompson and Goodall and release a new studio album ‘To the Happy Few’ through Captured Tracks, followed by their sixth album ‘Home Everywhere’. In 2012, Captured Tracks reissued Medicine's first two albums with bonus material and rarities. 2017 brought the release of 
‘2.0 Extraneous’, a collection of B-sides and unreleased material from Medicine's 2003 incarnation.

Over the years, Brad Laner has shown himself to be perhaps the most prolific artists on the underground scene, involving himself on various projects, including his experimental solo project Electric Company and the psychedelic supergroup Lusk (with members of Tool and Failure), receiving a Grammy Award nomination for their sole album. He performed on more than 300 albums, contributing vocals and co-writing on M83's 2011 album 'Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming' and playing drums for industrial rock outfit Savage Republic. Laner's work has been sampled by artists such as Brian Eno and Caribou.

Annette Zilinskas is best known for the musically disparate bands she’s fronted. After co-writing the songs ‘Aruca’ and ‘Miss Drugstore’, she left Medicine as her music troupe The Ringling Sisters had signed with A&M Records. Zilinskas was the original bassist for The Bangles and vocalist with influential roots-punk outfit Blood on the Saddle, whose juiced-up anthems inspired the cowpunk genre, paving the way for the No Depression movement and the related alt-country/Americana revivals. She later led the dream-pop group Weatherbell and punky all-girl garage-rock trio 3 Hole Punch. At the end of 2016, Zilinskas reunited with The Bangles for live performances.

"This LP is like a homecoming for me and Brad playing together again," says Zilinskas.

As of October 4, ‘Scarred for Life’ will be released across online stores and streaming platforms such as Spotify. The vinyl itself will be available exclusively from 
Drawing Room Records’Bandcamp site.

Jim Goodall – drums
Brad Laner – guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, percussion
Annette Zilinskas – vocals and harmonica
Matt Devine – guitar and vocals
Solo Goodspeed – keyboards and chapman stick on ‘Absolutely Free’
Produced and recorded by Brad Laner at Eichler Sound

Mixed by Thom Monahan at Golden Void
Mastered by Adam Gonsalves for Telegraph Mastering
Artwork / layout by Jeff Kuykendall

01. Scarred For Life
02. Sentimental Lady
03. Dead Time Bummer Blues
04. Expecting To Fly
05. Absolutely Free
06. Listen To The Band
07. Sally Go Round The Roses
08. The Sweetest Girl
09. The Green Country
10. Pickup Song
11. Black Satin


Messers - Bloody (2019) - shoegaze - 8 stars

Top 10 Shoegaze Albums in September (2019)

 1-Rev Rev Rev - Kykeon  10 Stars
 2-CEREMONY east coast - CANDY  10 Stars
 3-the churchhill garden - heart & soul collection   10 Stars
 4-Slowly - Reveal   10 Stars
 5-cattle - Sweet Dream,Tender Light and Your Memory   10 Stars
 6-Tennis System - Lovesick   10 Stars
 7-The Telescopes - Stone Tape 9 Stars
 8-Orange Plasticine - Marshmallow  8 Stars
 9-Daydream Cathedral - Leviathan Romance   8  Stars
10-VA - Sonic Box - Autumn leaves - Comp. 2   8 Stars

Top 10 Shoegazing Albums/EPs in September (2019)

 1-Healees - Heal's Beals   10 Stars
 2-Vivian Girls - Memory   9 Stars
 3-Acid Barretts - SUSTAIN   9  Stars
 4-Bullet Girls - Feed Me To The Hounds- Open Up Your Hell   9 Stars
 5-For Tracy Hyde - New Young City   8 Stars
 6-Pleasure Symbols - Closer And Closer Apart  8 Stars
 7-LINDA GUILALA - Agosto  8 Stars
 8-Yoko Momo - Too Much Fun 8 Stars
 9-Fir Cone Children - Fog Surrounds Us 6 Stars
10-Imaginary Friend - Imaginary Friend  6 Stars

Top 5 Dreampop Albums/Eps in September (2019)


 1-The Perfect English Weather - Call Me When The Rain Comes (EP)  10 Stars

 2-Fawning - Too Late  10  Stars
 3-Future Silence - Future Silence   10 Stars
 4-Jübl - DNA Cowboys   6 Stars
5-棉花山脉 (Cotton Range) - 银河巴士 (Galaxie Bus)   6 Stars

Top 10 Shoegaze EPs in September (2019)

 1-Ohio Mark - Exotism EP   10 Stars
 2-Echodrone - Everything Starts to be a Reminder   9 Stars
 3-Spunsugar - Mouth Full of You   9 Stars
 4-Isn't - When the Autumn Hides the Sun   8 Stars
 5-thelakesidedrive - Let It Burn, Burn Right Through You   8 Stars
 6-Swimming Pool - Nothing   8 Stars
 7-A Certain Smile - Bae EP   7 Stars
 8-Siyu - Wish You Lullaby   6  Stars
 9-Evergreen - NIAP   6  Stars
10-The Microdance - Sad Hearts in Hell   5 Stars