Shoegazer Alive: 10 Years of Much Noise

 First Version

10 years of history, 10 years bringing the shoegaze from the underground of good sounds closer to the surface of the planet indie rock. Shoegazer Alive completes a decade of existence, surviving the persecution of Google and some bands and musicians, but adding hundreds of good and faithful friends. 10 years went by fast. Let ten more come from the front. Many thanks, friends!
 Sixth version: the beginning of work with Bandcamp links

 Blog is not just about shoegaze. Many genres are released
 Link Aggregators: At the height of blog hype, Shoegazer Alive was present in many of them
Blog has always been recommended in the most varied forums.
 The Blog That Celebrates Itself: blog brother from the start
 Hundreds of bands have already welcomed the release on Shoegazer Alive
 Other link agreggator
 Recommended by Google!
Most popular links

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