Simon Rowe - Everybody's Thinking (2023)




Everybody’s Thinking is a personal journey of layered sounds but with a backbone of brevity and psychedelic simplicity. The influence of artists like Tim Hardin, Syd Barrett and Fred Neil emanate beautifully and the nine uncomplicated and honest songs shine with unashamed fragility.

Gathering past collaborators to help form a gentle and melodic selection of songs, this recording was grown over several years with help from all members of Chapterhouse Andrew Sheriff, Ashley Bates and Stephen Patman and drumming assistance from Ian McCutcheon (Mojave 3 / HOO), along with recording help from Neil Halstead (Slowdive / Mojave 3) and bass playing from Hamish Brown (Revolver). Mixed & assembled with Nick Holton (at his Oaki Room Studio) who like the others were so happy to participate in the making of this truly individual album made by an unsung & beautiful soul of the shoegaze era. Rowe navigated for 10 years a slow mighty river to discover for us an accessible psychedelic classic.!

SA said: what beautiful album! Great vocals, great melodies. One the best albums of 2023!

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